Annalisa Angelini

I have more than 20 years of experience as a Managing Director, Executive Producer and Journalist in Media, Publishing and the Communication Industries. I have a proven ability in supporting International Consulting Companies that focus on transition and the promotion of innovation and relational skills.

I hold a University degree in Anthropology, an MBA, a Master’s degree in Human Resources, a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology,  an ICF certification in Professional Coaching (ACC) and multiple international Coaching certifications.
I’m currently taking my second University degree in Psychology,

I have built this solid background through my endless curiosity about the world and my passion for seeking answers.
In the last two decades, I have dedicated myself to my own personal growth, joining regularly international working groups and meditation retreats.

This diverse professional background has led me to travel extensively internationally, which has given me a strong understanding of displacement and stress diseases.

All these educational achievements have converged in my work with clients, as I support them to change through the identification and the enhancement of their internal resources. I deeply believe in the power of a multidisciplinary approach toward this change.

I practice continuous learning through my regular meditation.
I’m inspired when I experience and support people in discovering and realizing their own potential. Together, we develop self-awareness, listening to the body and mind, and cultivating a spirit of playfulness and joy to better support the change.

I am prepared and available to support individuals and groups in transitions and challenging moments.

I currently live in Florence (Italy) and I give workshops and sessions (online and in person) in Italian, French and English.

Professional Certified Coach, Counselor Psychologist, Mentor, Trainer

Photos by Marta Carenzi

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